Remember, a brand is more than a logo!

The terms visual identity and branding are often confused. Well, they shouldn’t be, because they don’t say the same things. Understanding these two terms will help you work deeper into your brand and improve the connection between you and your customers. Let’s get to the root of it!

Visual identity and branding are two concepts that are associated with the process of creating a brand. However, you should not confuse them.

Visual identity or often referred to as brand identity is…

According to the name, visual identity is already related to the visual side of branding. Its goal is for the customer to associate the brand or product with an emotion or a feeling of familiarity.

brand identity graph

A visual identity is everything we can perceive with our eyes in relation to a brand or company – for example, a logo, font, photographs, and all other visual elements related to the brand. Visual identity is part of the brand and through visual elements, it should communicate the message, values, ​​and promises that the company wants to convey.

The trend whereby company owners focus mainly on the appearance of the logo should clearly give way. As you can see in the infographics, visual identity is not just a logo. And the second thing, branding doesn’t just mean the visual part of the brand.

Branding is above all this

Your branding consists of everything tangible and intangible, which together creates an overall experience that the customer will remember when they hear about your brand or come into contact with it. Business owners are often just focused on visual identity and they forget to invest time and money in a more comprehensive brand building, so-called branding. But that’s a mistake.

bezos quote

Look at this statement above. It perfectly captures that branding is much more than just a logo and is largely made up of exactly what we do not see at all.

Taken more closely, branding your visual identity, tone and the way you communicate, or the promises and guarantees you provide. The goal is for the brand’s ability to evoke the emotion you want to associate with the brand.

When it comes to the Nike brand, one usually combines it with inspiration and innovation for athletes. When you say Apple, you think of creativity and an innovative and different way of thinking. Your brand lives in the mind of your consumer and your job is to properly communicate who you really are.

To sum it up…

Branding is a long-distance run that requires a great deal of patience. If your goal is to create a unique and successful brand with a healthy corporate culture, then after reading this article, you are sure that advertising will not be enough. On the contrary. You should consult an expert about your branding and visual identity.