We promise. Hiring an agency is not a waste of money.

This article is for anyone who has ever thought to entrust their company’s marketing and online activities to the agency. Thank you! We only exist because of great people like you.

Sometimes a company has to throw away their ego and realize that they can’t do everything themselves. Hiring an agency is NOT useless or an indicator of a business mistake, as someone may feel it that way. On the other hand – it can make your business more efficient.

Working with an agency has the great advantage of being able to hire people with different specialties, which can save you a lot of money, since it may not be profitable to hire these people internally. Unlike other businesses, digital agencies are closer to the online world. They have access to workshops or non-freely accessible statistics and this also guarantees increased efficiency in their work. They can provide services and know-how that other firms would have problems with.

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There is also a popular opinion or belief that hiring one employee is enough for online marketing. Can you imagine a person who can reliably and responsibly serve a variety of digital communication channels – Facebook page management, blog posting, corporate Instagram account management, web design, Google campaign setup, Google Analytics setup, SEO audit, etc.? This isn’t how it works.

The agency can work as an ejected part of your marketing department. It’s a group of people who have accumulated the experience that no freelancer can easily attain. Such experts have to constantly educate themselves in their field, have up-to-date information and know the latest trends. So why don’t you try it?

One thing you have to understand before that.

Patience. Patience and persistence is a very important factor in the relationship between the agency and the company. Digital marketing doesn’t work like the magic of Harry Potter, and it doesn’t bring its results immediately. In general, it takes about three months for the first real numbers to arrive, so give it some time to start bearing fruit.

As well as patience, you’ll need trust. The agency can help your business, but you have to trust it and believe that they know their work, that they know what they are doing. Only they can lead you in the direction that is right for you. Also it’s important to have realistic expectations in meeting the objectives. But after all, doesn’t it work that way in your personal life too?

To sum it up, benefits of working with the agency are:

A lot of experience
Save time and money
New creative solutions and results
There are experts in various areas of digital marketing
Impartiality and strategic perspective

On the other hand:

You must have patience and trust
Less control and possible misunderstandings
Slower reaction time

Last advice – ask, ask, ask! That’s the only way to get answers and see if a particular agency is right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask us too. Leave us an email and we’ll discover what we can achieve together. We really look forward to it!